Increased Productivity & Improved Quality from existing plant led to Higher Sales & Profit

A leading manufacturer of bicycle tubes in North India, saw a sharp rise in demand for its products, with dealers wanting up to 15% additional supplies.

Company’s management faced a dilemma of either losing out on sales or making large capital investment thus keeping capacity underutilized with consequential drop in profitability.

Actuate Business Consulting (ABC) stepped in and critically analyzed the catch 22 situation. ABC’s consultants used Industrial Engineering tools & techniques such as Work Measurement using Video Camera, Micro Motion Analysis, Methods Engineering, and Plant & Workplace layout design. Work methods & practices were improved substantially. Consequently changes were made in equipment & workplace layout. Production Norms & Output Standards were established & Implemented.

Process Capability studies and Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA) were used to address Quality issues; which led to 15% drop in Rubber Wastage, and reduction in “Seconds” Quality products generation by 1/6th.

The aforementioned helped monthly production increase 22% with 16% higher output per man day.

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