More output at lower cost bolsters company’s growth potential in a competitive market

A leading manufacturer of electric water heaters, in Saudi Arabia, sensed a large potential to grow – provided it could raise the output from its existing plant and reduce cost.

Actuate Business Consulting (ABC) took up the challenge and cracked the case by its knowledge and expertise. ABC using Industrial Engineering techniques identified potential areas for improvement, formulating required changes and preparing a road map for implementation with the potential to raise productivity three folds.

ABC used techniques of Methods Improvement, Line Balancing & Production Standards developed through Work Measurement using Video camera observations and Micro Motion Analysis, helped the company boost its production substantially within 2 months with 20% lesser manpower & could be 40% higher in 6 months. Manpower, which came down to 80% in just two months from start of the study, could be reduced to half in 6 months.

And all the higher output was possible with lesser people & without any major capital investment.

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