Operations Turnaround

Operations Turnaround

Operations Turnaround

For companies experiencing stagnant or declining revenues/margin, we deploy our business performance improvement techniques to stall and eventually reverse the negative trend through successful Operations Turnaround.

Our Operation Turnaround program goes beyond mere right sizing or cost cutting and involves identifying & implementing sustainable improvements in productivity, quality, flexibility and delivery. We are able to achieve this by virtue of our broad business perspective, deep functional expertise, analytical rigour and design thinking inspired approach to solution formulation.

During the Turnaround program, we do not examine operations as an independent function. Instead, we follow an Integrative Top-Down Approach to identify strategic priorities, value drivers, and align Manufacturing & Supply Chain Operations with business expectations and requirements for the short, medium and long term.

We not only evolve innovative solutions, and define them as multiple change initiatives, but also Plan, Organize and Monitor their Implementation spanning the Turnaround Lifecycle. Desired results are achieved on schedule by collaborating with multiple stakeholders across varied organizational levels and through regular monitoring, mid-course corrections and audits. A three step approach for Operations Turnaround is followed:

  • Diagnosis
  • Roadmap
  • Implementation

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