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Paradigm change in work Assignment & jobs Redesign, reduces Production Manpower by half

A well established textile mill in India, employing more than 500 production workers, faced the issue of being over staffed. Thus, cutting costs through manpower reduction was imperative and the company sought Actuate Business Consulting’s (ABC) intervention. Consultants from ABC applied Unconventional methods and techniques apart from using Time study, Production study Flow charting, Multiple

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Increased Productivity & Improved Quality from existing plant led to Higher Sales & Profit

A leading manufacturer of bicycle tubes in North India, saw a sharp rise in demand for its products, with dealers wanting up to 15% additional supplies. Company’s management faced a dilemma of either losing out on sales or making large capital investment thus keeping capacity underutilized with consequential drop in profitability. Actuate Business Consulting (ABC)

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