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Why Sandwich Approach Undermines Your Feedback

A “sandwich approach” for giving negative feedback to direct reports is a common method in which the negative feedback is sandwiched between two pieces of positive feedback. But this sandwich approach may be undermining both your feedback and your relationship with your direct reports. First, let’s look at why leaders use this approach and why

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Giving Effective Feedback When Short on Time

Virtually all of the young executives want to be good managers and mentors; they just don’t have the time — or so they believe. It’s not easy to help your employees develop as you take advantage of every business opportunity. But you can make coaching easier on yourself, in part, by giving feedback efficiently. Once

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4 Habits to acquire for Learning New Skills

Every year, around this time, there’s a burst of new sign-ups from workers seeking new skills. Unfortunately, the initial commitment to learning often fizzles out. Those who give up miss out on reported career benefits, such as doing their current job more effectively or finding a new one. Below listed are four crucial habits that can

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