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The 6 Ways to Grow a Company

The term ‘innovation’ is often associated with geniuses turning startups into gold mines — the next Google, Apple, or Amazon, with products no one even knew they needed. Every company aspires to be as innovative as them, while many companies may overpay to invest or buy start-ups, others may be uncertain of the what they’ll yield

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How humor makes you a better boss

Humor in business is considered frivolous. It dilutes the message. Business is about achievement, productivity, making money, accomplishing tangible things. However, we as human beings learn best in moments of enjoyment, and by personal experience. Thomas Wright, a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Nevada, thinks that it helps to laugh. He has

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Workplace trends to watch out for

If there’s one thing that has been constant across civilizations, that’s change. Today’s technological revolution, triggered by breakthroughs like artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning, and big data, is all set to disrupt the lives of at least three billion people working across the globe. The scale of the current disruption is bigger than the total global

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