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Why Organizations fail in Motivating Employees

Motivation, defined as deliberate attempt to influence employee behavior with the goal to enhance their performance & organizational effectiveness, is the key driver of job performance for it determines the level of effort and persistence employees will exert. Top performers tend to stand out as much for their motivation as for their talent. A global survey,

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Innovation Efforts:What not to focus on

Firms are always looking to find an edge; ideally differentiation should be the prime motivator for any strategy. But often CEOs fall into chronic sameness, an inertia driven by a feeling that they must focus on cost, even cheapness, to remain competitive; termed as innovation plateau by Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi. A main indicator of how widespread

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Employee Burnout: The issue and solution

Employee burnout is a widespread phenomenon in todays workplaces. Companies tend to treat this as a talent management or personal issue rather than a broader organizational challenge for operational excellence and that’s a fallacy. Leaders need to own up their role in creating workplace stress that leads to burnout – heavy workloads, job insecurity, and frustrating work

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